2 years ago

13 June, 2016

FJ Clarke Loft

Organised by:
Western Australia Medical Students Society (WAMSS)

Can you think the tank? Tank the think? Do you even AMSA?
Then we need you! Even if you don't AMSA; come along - no experience required at all!
At Think Tank #2 we'll be discussing the policies up for debate at AMSA Council #2 in Townsville. We have the opportunity to put forward suggestions and changes before these policies become the "beliefs of medical students of Australia", Once passed at council, they get put forward to the media and public as what Australian Medical students want to see happen in health, politics, society and more.
So if you want to have a say in what the public voice of AMSA says - then come along to Think Tank!

Policy Summaries here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aRfC9JyKnQ4rFK2fltpaiw4sCyY0K_SeR9AyhV9-yEk/edit

New Policies
1. Medical Training Pathways Policy
2. Rural Training Pathways Policy

Policy Reviews
3. Internships Policy
4. National Internship Application Process Policy
5. Rural Clinical Schools Policy
6. Sustainable Development Goals
7. International Students’ Policy

Policy Mergers
8. Quality Clinical Placements Policy
9. Sexual health and HIV/AIDS Policy
10. LGBTIQ Health Merger

Come along for some food, some banter and some good ol' AMSA Politics (no Turnballs allowed).