3 years ago

20 June, 2015


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We know all you studious little sober? babes and badasses have been working hard over exams…. Well at least some people have, not me. I've been too busy daydreaming about that time back in high school when I was mowing your lawn and and your mum came out with just a towel on...
We've teamed up with some pretty rad friends to organise an end of exams bash to end all parties! (Hopefully doesn't actually end all the celebrations for you party animals)

Skipped so many tutes you forgot what your tutor looks like? Handed your assignment in so late you got 2%? Gotten so used to watching lectures at 2.0x speed you think everyone is talking in slow mo? Fallen asleep in the library more times than in your actual bed? End of semester is hard. Exams can be even harder. So soberman is giving you a light at the end of that tunnel!

Now you are done with uni exams, we bet you all wish that you were back in school.
Life was simpler, maths used real numbers, the hot guy you sat next to in english smelt like lynx and wagging assembly felt like the most reb dawg thing in the world. So who better to bring you back to those awkward teenage years than Soberman himself??!

Think naughty school girls, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, cheeky teachers, seedy old principals, leavers jackets (for all you gt kids), prefects, that hot gym teacher everyone had a thing for, doesn’t matter if you’ve got your shirt tucked in or your skirt hem turned down, as long as you remember your glasses to make you look smarter we won’t give you a uniform infringement ;)

Awards and prizes for best dressed!!!a!!!!!!@!@!#$%!&^@#&%^a

The good folks at the Claremont hotel have delivered the goods with very student priced drinks to help kick off your well deserved break and forget the exam that you failed... or just the whole exam experience. Because we were all back seat bandits on the school bus, good old Cmont is letting us be back door bandits, use the back entrance behind the thirsty camel

Tickets on sale from 12pm Tuesday 26th on Oak Lawn, look for the Sober? banner
$5 for sober? members
$10 for you other chumps

This event is open to everyone and anyone so tickets will be available to get from key social distributors at Curtin, Notre Dame and Murdoch.
Flick a fb message to:
Murdoch – Alex Pirone https://www.facebook.com/alex.pirone.3
Curtin – Hannah Repton https://www.facebook.com/hannah.repton
Notre Dame – anyone even go here?
TIX ONLINE: http://www.trybooking.com/139478
Key Deets
Saturday 20th June
Claremont Hotel
Starts @ 7pm
Entry through back door
ID Required
18+ Event
Much love Soberman XOXOXOX

Sober? encourages the responsible service of alcohol. Do not drink and drive, so NAPLAN your way home. Intoxicated patrons will be refused service and entry. And don’t be a dog bloke – get me bulk hook-ins.