3 years ago

19 August, 2015

The University of Western Australia

Organised by:

“Attention all passengers aboard flight number SM6969 can you please precede to debauchery gate number 1 for an immediate departure.”

Stow your tray tables, make sure your chair is in its upright position and get ready for Sober? Airlines annual world tour. Prepare to embark on one heck of a journey with your mate who brought you Frat and Bak 2 Skool, for a night of jet setting and culture shock, as we take you around the world in 80 (soft) drinks**

From tashing on in Toon town with the Geordies, to tequila suicides with Jose and Hose B in Mexico, some cheeky Tigers on the beach in Thailand and a classic keg stand in the great US of A. Soberman has got your pubcrawl needs covered.

As we all know Cheek is where love begins every Wednesday night. If a weeknight affair is on the agenda be sure to stay on the flight til the final destination ;)

Departing from UWA Tav at 6.30pm but come and join your pilots and flight attendants for a few pre-flight beverages from 5pm.

Grab your boarding pass on Tuesday 11th August on Oak Lawn 1-2pm ($15 members $20 non members)
18+ event, ID required. Enclosed shoes recommended**
Don't drink and drive. Sober? Promotes the responsible service of alcohol.

*Doctors recommend not consuming 80 soft drinks that's way too much sugar for your little fresher bodies to handle***
**appropriate shoes for entry into venue
*** Also don't consume 80 standard drinks bc that's a bad time