2 years ago

13 April, 2016

Oak Lawn

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IT'S PROSH TIME AGAIN AND YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! It's time for a large group of sleep deprived students to hit the streets in their best PAGEANT QUEEN attire to sell Prosh to the unsuspecting hoards of Perth commuters. Unsurprisingly our mantra for the day will be;

"A dollar makes me holla Honey Boo Boo child!"

Whether you are channeling your inner TODDLER as you seek to harness the power of the chicken nugget, as our queen and idol HONEY BOO BOO does, or delving back into your childhood to extract memories of over bearing and oppressive parents, we want you to PROSH with us and hit the streets in style as we take on TODDLERS AND TIARAS.

If you are a bit stuck for ideas on what to wear just use the following handy stimulus:
1) Child in dress.
2) Child in tiara.
3) Parent in matching tracksuit living vicariously through their child's apparent success.
4) Child crying.
5) Parent still in matching tracksuit shouting at child for ruining their make up and inconveniencing said parent.
6) Our lord and saviour, Honey Boo Boo.

For all further information on Prosh please hit up the official Prosh event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/1694570107467483/) and read the code of conduct below.

Can't wait to see you there,
Your friendly neighbourhood Sobaes!


The below rules apply to all PROSH participants:
1. PROSH is a drug and alcohol free event. If you appear to be affected by drugs or alcohol you will be asked to leave.
2. Listen to and obey the marshals. They know what they’re doing and what you SHOULD be doing.
3. No street drinking. Anywhere. The fine for street drinking is $200.
4. Don’t sell papers on public transport at any time. Do not sell on Transperth concourses or in stations. Do not prevent people from leaving stations.
5. Look both ways before you cross the street.
6. Stay out of and away from all construction areas. You’re not Bob the Builder.
7. Don’t do anything that will get you or other people injured/killed.
8. Don’t die. Don’t ruin PROSH for everyone else.
9. Don’t litter. Put your rubbish and paper straps in the bin.
10. Don’t stand in the middle of the road or intersections. The fine is $50 for a traffic infringement.
11. Don’t block footpaths or walkways, you don’t have a licence to make life difficult for everyone
12. Don’t harass or swear at people. No means no. Seriously.
13. Don’t PROSH and drive. You will be tired after a long day of Prosh-ing. Organise alternative arrangements. Bring your SmartRider.
14. Failure to return tins will result in a $200 fine.
15. If you are doing something illegal, you will be handed over to the police. The organisers of PROSH take no responsibility for your actions.
16. Remember you are representing PROSH, the 2016 charities, the UWA Student Guild and The University of Western Australia at all times.
17. You are not permitted to sell papers at Elizabeth Quay, the Convention Centre, and the Esplanade Train Station (or surrounding areas) under any circumstances. If you are catching a bus to the Esplanade station, you must exit the area immediately.