2 years ago

24 January, 2016

Nan Tien Temple

Organised by:
University Buddhist Youth Club

**This is specially created to promote the event and gather Western Austalia's Participants (aged between 18 to 35) that are interested.

Using the Three Acts of Goodness (Do good deeds; Speak good words; Think good thoughts) of Humanistic Buddhism as the guiding philosophy:

1) Offer an opportunity to learn and practice Ch’an (Meditation) inside a traditional Buddhist monastery, through which self-exploration, inner peace, spiritual awareness, and discovery of positive energies are achieved.
2) Provide a communication platform for outstanding and talented youths in Australia and New Zealand.
3) Encourage the development of an attitude of providing service, mutual assistance and benefit to others in modern day youth through discussion in various topics.

As we would love, everyone from Western Australia to register as a team, hence, we would help you to submit your registration form with us. With that, please submit your EOI to us via http://goo.gl/forms/PL7KhgY9wN and someone from YAD Perth will be in contact with you.