2 years ago

15 March, 2016

Tatami Room UWA

Organised by:
University Buddhist Youth Club

Next week UBYC will, for the first time ever, be hosting a month-long Meditation classes for everyone to enjoy!

In the first week (Tuesday Mar 15) you will be able to learn the basics of Buddhist Meditation with Reverend Miao Xi such as breathing, posture and focus techniques.

You will then be given a chance to try out these meditation techniques throughout the week at home and see how you go! Then come back the week after (Tuesday Mar 22) and gain some valuable feedback from Reverend Miao Xi on how you went and what you can improve on!

The time will be 1-2pm on the dates stated above and the location will be at the Tatami Room inside the Social Science Building. Bring along your friends and we hope to see you there!