3 years ago

5 August, 2015

UWA Women's Room

Organised by:
UWA Student Guild Women's Department

This week we will be doing something a bit different for our Women's Collective meeting! Given the 'Stop Taxing My Period' campaign rally is coming up on August 14th (www.facebook.com/events/304220386368854/) I thought it might be fun if we did some sign painting together in preparation!

Menstruating Australians pay an extra 10% in tax every time they get their period. That's because tampons, pads and menstrual cups aren't considered 'essential health goods' - unlike condoms, lubricants and sunscreen. There have been numerous campaigns against this unfair tax run in the past, and this year Subeta Vimalarajah started a petition attracted 100,000+ signatures and made headlines across the country. The petition can be found here: .communityrun.org/petitions/stop-taxing-my-period

We will be painting in the Ref Courtyard - paint, brushes, and cardboard will be provided!

**This session is open to all students, regardless of if you are able to attend the rally or not, but is particularly aimed at students who experience menstruation.**

Women's Collective Meetings are usually only open to all women identifying students and students who experience current oppression as a woman and occur on a weekly basis on Wednesday at 10am.

If anyone is interested in facilitating a weekly meeting or has a cool topic for discussion please let me know by emailing womens@guild.uwa.edu.au