3 years ago

19 September, 2015


Organised by:
Japanese Animation Club (UWANIME)

It's almost time for our annual Quiz Night of 2015.

Join up with friends to outsmart everyone with your trivia knowledge, socialize with people and have great fun!

This is meant to be fun for anyone, so you don't need to be much of an anime fan to enjoy yourself. o(^∀^*)o

Ticket price:
- $10 per person
- $64 per table (8 people)

Email bookings to uwanime@gmail.com
Tickets can also be bought at the door.

For those who are UWA based, you can drop by the clubroom in Cameron Hall to buy tickets. (Tell us beforehand so someone can be there.)

If you’re booking by email, please include a name and the number of tickets you wish to purchase/tables to book.

If you wish to join but don’t have a table to join, we’ll be grouping other ‘floaters’ together on the night to form tables.

Reminder: This is an 18+ event so remember to bring ID!