3 years ago

26 May, 2015


Organised by:
UWA French Club

Are you a Eurovision junkie? Can you feel the RHYTHM INSIDE? This is your TIME TO SHINE. This year the UWA French Club and UWA Italian Club are the HEROES of your GRANDE AMORE, bringing you our annual quiz night like never before! On May 26th at the HOUR OF THE WOLF (7pm) N'OUBLIEZ PAS to WALK ALONG to the Tav, IN THE NAME OF LOVE.
Better start PLAYING WITH NUMBERS to get your team of 8 WARRIORs together!
BEAUTY NEVER LIES - there will be prizes for the best dressed table!
If you've only got ONE LAST BREATH, make sure you use it to come down for a night of UNBROKEN quizzical fun!
(Don't worry, not all the questions are Eurovision themed, so if you know who Conchita Wurst is you'll be fine THE WAY YOU ARE.)

Tickets will be available at the door or online (booking fees apply). UWA Italian Club and UWA French Club members, keep an eye on your emails for your discount. ;)

***to claim your country, make sure to email your preferences to uwafrenchclub@gmail.com - first come first serve!***
***Note that you may only claim a country once your whole team has purchased a ticket (6-8 members).***

AVAILABLE COUNTRIES (6-8 seats each):
United Kingdom