3 years ago

23 September, 2015

Dolphin Theatre - UWA

Organised by:
Dramatic Society (UDS)

“All life is born with the innate desire to live. Human beings are the only species to be conscious of the fact they must inevitably die”

Memento Mori is an original work from the University Dramatic Society directed by Ben Thomas and written by Rupert Williamson.

A scientist is convinced he is on the verge of finding a way to drastically slow the ageing process, however complications arise after it is announced that the programme may be shut down. Set in motion is a chain of events which, by their conclusion, will force those involved to cast aside their illusions, and confront truths about themselves and the nature of life itself.

The show runs from the 23rd to the 26th of September at the Dolphin Theatre, UWA. Tickets are available on Oak Lawn at 12pm-2pm on weekdays starting Monday 7th September or online at: http://ticketswa.com/event/memento-mori

Rupert Williamson
Nina Heymanson
Kate Hotchkin
Ritwik Ballal
Giacomo Groppoli
Sally Clune
Tim Lorian
Allegra Di Francesco
Xavier Sweeney
Clare McMath
Jess Baldock

WHAT: UDS presents 'Memento Mori'
WHEN: 23rd-26th September
WHERE: Dolphin Theatre, UWA
HOW: http://ticketswa.com/event/memento-mori or on Oak Lawn at 12pm-2pm on weekdays from 7th September

Concession ticket prices are available for students, pensioners, seniors, UDS members, children and groups of 6 or more.

For more details, see http://ticketswa.com/event/memento-mori