2 years ago

9 April, 2016

UWA Riley Oval

Organised by:
Perth International

It's time for PI's biannual football (the real kind, where you contact the ball mostly with your foot) tournament!
Every semester we bring together the finest (and most energetic/amusing/enthusiastic) footballing talent from across campus to compete in a 5-a-side competition.

It will be held in a round robin format, so everyone will play more than 2 games :)

The tournament, held 2pm-5pm on Saturday the 9th of April, will consist of a series of short 5-a-side games. Here are the basic rules:
- The teams are mixed, meaning a minimum of two girls and two boys must be on the pitch at all times!
- You will obviously need at least 5 players, with a maximum of 8 per team (if you have 9 or 10, we suggest splitting up!)
- When signing up please provide the names of all players in your team (this can be added to or changed up until the sign up deadline)
- Please choose a team colour and ensure everyone on the day is wearing a shirt to match! Colours are first in best dressed)
- Each player will be required to pay a $5 entry fee before play begins

Post tournament, food will be provided in the form of a BBQ (what else!?)

If you are interested but do not have a team, please message PI Guy and we'll try find you one! (you might first like to post on this page and find as there will likely be others in the same boat)
– Referees will be provided

The sign up date is on the day

* The event is both 18+ and alcohol free!
** By taking part in this event participants assume all responsibility, and agree not to hold UWA Sports, Perth International or any other organising body liable for any injuries or accidents that occur throughout the tournament.
***By taking part in this event participants confirm that they are both physically and mentally fit to do so.