2 years ago

19 February, 2016

Callaway Music Auditorium

Organised by:
Music Students Society (MSS)

Come join on a summers evening to journey through musical imaginings, ever changing emotions and the essence that dreams are made of, as I and Caroline Badnall present a voice recital. Of faith, lust, love, loss, beauty and nature, there shall be a smattering of repertoire suited for all, including Celtic folk, Caccini, Mozart, Puccini, Gershwin, Andrew Lloyd-Webber and more. So please do come enjoy this evening with me!

Refreshments provided after!

All are welcome! Please extend this invitation to whomever you may think would be interested.

Adult $18
Student $15
Under 15 yrs Free
Tickets Available through Trybooking: http://www.trybooking.com/KEOP

All profits go towards recital expenses and further musical education this year.

(Photography credit to Mitchell at MFM Photography)