2 years ago

21 October, 2015

Western Australian Medical Students' Society - WAMSS

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Western Australia Medical Students Society

**please answer the pinned post about catering if you intend to come **

We're very happy to present the last of our series on the art of medicine on what is simultaneously the most-ignored and most important skill in clinical medicine - critical thinking.

This lecture is a reaction against the slow decline of clinical judgement and reasoning as decison-making has been subsumed into the anonymous mediocrity of guideline and algorithm-based medicine. Our speakers will talk about how guidelines are just that - guides - and illustrate the importance of learning to break the rules through cases and stories.

Richard Holman is a medical registrar who's quite literally done it all having at one point or another trained in the surgical, ICU and ED programs. He is known for clinical brilliance, a wilingness to teach and an approachable affability that combine to make a genuinely excellent doctor.

Angela Graves is a consultant general and renal physician who can best be described as larger than life. She is passionate about being a true generalist and can be guranteed to never be boring.

Dinner is at 1800 for an 1845 start. The usual roast chicken and salads will be in evidence with cookies and milk in the break between speakers. The quote is by Plutarch. from the aptly named On Listening to Lectures.