2 years ago

2 March, 2016

Anatomy Lawn, UWA

Organised by:
Western Australia Medical Students Society

Urban Dictionary defines pancakes as “female breasts pressed against glass” and day as “The thing that exists when a yellow/orange ball is visible in the sky. Quite unlike night, strangely”.

Lookout would love to invite you to come join us while a yellow/orange ball is visible in the sky on Wednesday to drizzle maple syrup or spread copious amounts of nutella over some hot sticky pancakes.

A gold coin donation is all you need to start cramming your face full of pancake-y goodness with as much decadent, “mental-health food” topping as your stomach desires. All funds raised on the day will be going directly to support One Disease, a fantastic and effective Australian charity aimed at ending preventable diseases in Indigenous communities, one disease at a time.

So come on down, have a chat, eat some pancakes and frolic on the anatomy lawn in a food coma instead of going back to lectures or LEAPS.