2 years ago

4 May, 2016

FAWA - Finance Association of Western Australia

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Finance Association of Western Australia

The Finance Association of Western Australia (FAWA) is recruiting for the 2016 committee. This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic students to become an integral part of a very exciting and rapidly growing student organisation.

As an independent student body, FAWA aims to enable UWA students from a multitude of disciplines to engage, develop and express their interest in finance and business outside the boundaries of the formal university curriculum. FAWA provides a conduit through which motivated students can further advance their passion for commerce whilst developing the requisite core skills for their future careers as young professionals in the business arena.

We do so by hosting a range of events, including opportunities to network with industry professionals at our annual Business Breakfast and Women’s Corporate Cocktail, competitions that allow students to gain insight into working in particular industries while vying for some amazing prizes, workshops which bridge the gap between theory and practice, as well as a number of social events which allow the creation of students’ increasingly important student network.


- Gain invaluable experience organising, marketing and hosting events

- Make a real difference to the experience of students at the UWA Business School as well as the wider university population

- Be in a position to implement the changes you want to see, and be given the responsibility to run projects

- Learn vital interpersonal skills through liaising with committee members, UWA staff and industry professionals

- Gain exposure to our growing range of sponsors and business partners, and get yourself ahead of your peers when looking for graduate positions

- Surround yourself with passionate and driven people who will quickly become close friends

- Be a part of an exciting and rapidly growing student organisation which boasts an impressive network of successful alumni

- Have fun and make the most of your time at university!


Ordinary Committee (approx. 2-4)


- A genuine interest in finance
- A desire to improve the student experience within the UWA Business School
- Initiative to identify growth opportunities
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Strong time management and organisational skills
- At least 1 year left of study

*Applications are open to students at any stage of their degree and in any faculty - please invite friends who might be interested


Please forward your cover letter and CV to contact@fawa.com.au by 12pm Wednesday 4th May.

Positions will be appointed following interviews on Sunday 8th May.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries at contact@fawa.com.au

For more information about FAWA head to our website: www.fawa.com.au