2 years ago

17 March, 2016

Matilda Bay Gazebo

Organised by:
Electronic Music Appreciation Society (EMAS UWA)

We hope you had a great time at our first sundowner for the year and made some new friends! Next week we'll be doing it all again with the addition of our FRESHER ELECTIONS!!!

> > > > HOW TO RUN FOR A POSITION? < < < <
Step 1. Fill out this form (before 5pm on the 17th) to tell us more about you and why you'd be a great addition to the club -> https://goo.gl/NEq8Cd
Step 2. Be there on the day to do a quick 30 second speech introducing yourself and summarising why you'd be a great fit for EMAS :)

This year we are electing SIX Fresher Representatives to join the EMAS committee. Being a Fresher Rep is a great way to be much more involved with the club. You'll get the opportunity to learn about and experience a ton of different things in each of our 3 portfolios - music, events and marketing.

So head down to the Matilda Bay Gazebo to join the committee and friends for the elections plus beats, feed and drinks. This event is all ages and bring all your mates - everyone is welcome to come along and run or vote in the elections!