2 years ago

12 October, 2015

EY Lecture Theatre

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ECOMS Annual General Meeting 2015

The Ecoms Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday the 12th of October 2014 at 5pm in the EY Lecture Theatre. There will be presentations by the executive, constitution changes and free pizza! Only students currently enrolled at the business school will be able to vote on the amendments to the constitution. If you’re thinking of getting involved with Ecoms or running for a position, it is a great way to see what we have been up to for the past year, talk to some of this year’s committee to see what is involved, and to grab a nomination form. I hope to see all your lovely faces!

Sofie O’Mara


1. President's Address
Given by the current ECOMS President Rhys Tucker.

2. Constitutional Changes
That the Economics and Commerce Students' Society adopts the constitution proposed by the 2015 ECOMS Executive.
The proposed constitution will be available on the ECOMS website http://www.ecoms.org.au/ on the 7th of October.
If you have any queries regarding the constitution please email Sofie at secretary@ecoms.org.au.

3. Executive Reports
Reports will be made by each member of the executive in the order below:
1. Vice President (Education)
2. Vice President (Business)
3. Vice President (Activities)
4. Treasurer

4. Other Business
Any other business as raised by anyone attending the meeting. However, if anyone has anything else they wish to see added to the agenda or any queries prior to the AGM please don’t hesitate to email Sofie the secretary at secretary@ecoms.org.au.