2 years ago

25 September, 2015

Art Lecture Room 8

Organised by:
Cantonese Student Association

Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunisolar month. In 2015, 27th September will be the day!!! Let us all celebrate TWO DAYS EARLIER then :)

As this is a festival for family and friends gather together, giving thanks and praying for satisfaction, so CSA and ACYA are going to provide you the significant foods that symbolize reunion. Meanwhile, we will be playing board game like Mahjong for joy.️
*DINNER IS NOT PROVIDED, but Tangyuan (Glutinous rice ball), moon cake and Chinese tea.

又到了一年一度「人月兩團圓」的中秋節,如果想一解思鄉之愁,那就參加C.S.A和ACYA舉辦的中秋之麻將夜,既可以透過打麻將認識新朋友,又可以食湯圓 ! 所以那些獨個兒在這裡讀書的你不用怕寂寞,來參加吧 !!!
*將不會提供晚餐, 但有湯圓,中國茶同月餅啵!!!

*将不会提供晚餐, 但有汤圆,中国茶和月饼喔!!!