2 years ago

26 February, 2016

UWA James Oval

Organised by:
Cantonese Student Association

各位 放咗咁耐假 有無玩創咗個心呀 就嚟開學啦喎 今個sem有無諗過點樣過得充實啲呢 如果無 唔緊要 我地CSA準備左一連串既活動俾你 包你唔會頹住咁過 O-day果日黎我地既檔口參加成為我地既會員啦 有你著數 我地檔口係student central附近架乍
另外,大學五件事 上莊最緊要 我地CSA招緊新莊員 如果你想今個sem再好玩啲 就快啲加入我地啦

Btw, our Instagram: csauwa

G'day! How is everyone's summer break? Semester is about to start shortly, what is your plan for this semester?If no, no worries Come to CSA's stall on O-day and join us as a member We have a schedule for you which can definitely make you a memorable semester Our stall is just located nearby the student central
Also, if you want to challenge yourself, and to collaborate with different people Perhaps being one of the CSA's committees is an awesome idea for you CSA is now recruiting new committees regardless of you are current students or freshers
If you have any questions, don't hesitate and just shoot us a message via Facebook or Instagram
See you all on O-day