2 years ago

10 March, 2016

Matilda Bay

Organised by:
Cantonese Student Association

喂 又開Sem啦! 新一年係UWA 係咪想識多D新朋友仔呢? 咁你就要JOIN 我地個迎新BBQ啦! 會員都只係要比$2咋 係$2! 到時有得食又有得玩,仲諗? 即刻叫埋班朋友仔黎食個TEA, 嚟玩遊戲, 識下大家啦!

時間:10/3 (Thurs) 3 – 5 p.m. (可早到或中途加入)
地點:Matilday Bay 涼亭
P.S. 如果你參加呢個活動嘅話,請禁一下”JOIN”個制,唔該曬

Hey guys! A new semester has just begun!!! Are you getting excited in creating a new page for your uni life? If you do so, come and join our CSA Welcome BBQ event! You can have some Cantonese style food and drinks along with exciting games and fun time. This event will be held on coming Thursday (10/3) from 3 - 5 p.m., feel free to come along with your friends and have fun!

P.S This event is $2 for members; $5 for non-member. PLEASE CLICK the “Join” event button if you are coming. Thank you.