2 years ago

22 March, 2016

The University of Western Australia

Organised by:
Blackstone Law Students Society

Blackstone Academic Mentoring is a program for first-year JD students.

JOIN THE GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553409198312316/

The objectives of the program are:
- To offer guidance on assessments including legal writing and research, and examination preparation;
- To give new students the opportunity to get to know older law students; and
- To make sure all students have an equal chance to do well in the JD course.

Dates and times:
• Tuesday, 22 March 6pm-7pm: Problem Solving (particularly, eg, Contract assignment);
• Tuesday, 5 April 6pm-7pm: Case analysis (particularly, eg, Legal Process assignment);
• Tuesday 12 April 6pm-7pm: Written Assignments and Critical Essays; and
• Tuesday, 10 May 6pm-7pm: Exam techniques.