2 years ago

9 March, 2016

Oak Lawn

Organised by:
UWA Student Guild

Calling all UWA students! Have you ever wanted to break a world record?

Or do you just want to meet more people at UWA? Here is your chance! Join the UWA Student Guild’s massive speed-friending event to get to know some of your fellow students and perhaps help smash a record while you're at it.

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You and hundreds of potential new friends will gather on Oak Lawn to speak to 20 other people for 3 minutes each. If at least 652 participants complete the task, we could set a new Guinness World Record! You'll get a certificate stating you're "Officially Amazing" if we succeed... and if we fall short, well, you'll still be amazing AND you'll know heaps of other amazing people around UWA.

There’ll also be a free lunch for participants afterwards so you can chat some more to your new mates.

Registrations are essential -> sign up at http://www.uwastudentguild.com/gwr/ to take part!