1 year ago

9 March, 2017

Matilda Bay

Organised by:
Cantonese Student Association

開咗學一星期啦,大家適應到新環境未呢?我地下個星期四(3月9日)就會有Meet and Greet, 新加入嘅你同已經嚟咗Perth一段日子嘅你可以藉住呢個機會認識新朋友,互相交流下😊。機會難得,仲唔快啲叫埋同學仔一齊參加?😆
*為方便準備食物和飲品數量,請有意參加者click going💃🏻🕺🏻,多謝合作🙏🏻
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How are you going with the first week of uni? CSA is going to hold a "Meet and Greet" on next thursday (9th Mar). You are welcomed to join us no matter you are new to uwa or returning students😊 This is a great opportunity to make new friends and exchange information about life in Perth😆 Hope to see y'all on that day!
p.s. Please click "going" if you want to join this event, your coorperation will help us on preparing adequate amount of food and drinks for the event, thanks!🙏🏻