1 year ago

7 March, 2017

Grassy Knoll, UWA School of Music

Organised by:
Music Students Society (MSS)

The Annual Fresher Sundowner is our first event for the semester! Come enjoy a FREE sausage sizzle, get to know your fellow students, join the MSS if you haven't already ($10 for guild members), and relax & chill out on the grassy knoll out the front of the School of Music. Come buy one of our brand new 2017 T-Shirts! ($20 for MSS Members, $25 for Non-Members. Everyone is Welcome!

If you missed out on a sticker at Arts Orientation or O-Day, come and collect yours at the Sundowner!

We'll be holding elections for four committee positions at 5:30. If you'd like to nominate yourself, please email hello@uwamss.org.au by 12pm on the day of the sundowner. Only MSS members are allowed to vote for these positions, so make sure you've joined up beforehand.

~ FRESHER REPS (1 male, 1 female) = Represent your fellow first years on the 2017 MSS committee! Fresher reps are the primary link between the MSS, the Music faculty and the first year cohort, aka "the coolest kids on campus"
~ BROADENING REP = If you're enrolled in a broadening unit, but still want to be a part of the 2017 committee, sign up to be our first ever Broadening rep, helping the MSS to represent all the music students at UWA
~ PUBLICATIONS OFFICER = Got a knack for graphic design? We're looking for a 2017 Publications officer to design and make all our publication material for various events throughout the year. If you're keen to apply, make us a poster for a hypothetical MSS event, and email it to us by 12:00pm on Tuesday 7th March, and we'll announce the successful applicant at the sundowner.

WHEN: Tuesday 7th March
TIME: 5:00pm
WHERE: The Grassy Knoll, in the middle of the School of Music
BRING: Enough cash for membership and a t-shirt