1 year ago

28 February, 2017

Oak Lawn

Organised by:
Leisure UWA

UWA is very lucky to boast a very active social scene and vibrant club culture. As a fresher though you may not know where to quite start- that is where we come in to help!

In collaboration with Leisure, Sober? EMAS, UEC, Science Union and ECOMS, (three of the biggest social clubs and three of the biggest facsocs) together we will show you how to get involved in campus life, as well as introduce you to some new people and some amazing, fun, memorable opportunities.

Sign ups are FREE!! Make sure you check out the stall of any of these clubs on O'day to get your name down for this. Over that weekend, you will be assigned a male and female leader who will guide you through three weeks of activities- not limited to obstacle courses, competitive games and everyones favourite: the slip and slide. Your leaders will be your go to for all questions you may have, from "Where is the cheapest food on campus?" to "How can I join committee?"

Wait, there is more: After the three weeks, three golden tickets will be up for grabs. What is a Golden Ticket? This ticket will gain you entry to one event from each of the six involved clubs, or an item of merch if their main event is after the 14th March.

Don't be confused- we are not UWA mentors. We are here to show you how fun and interactive club culture is- it's a fantastic way to meet people and let off some steam.

Tuesday the 28th Feb, 7th March and 14th March
3-4pm on Oak Lawn
Sign ups are free- available on O'day!

Going to miss sign ups? Don't worry, there will be other opportunities to do so- these will be announced after O'day!

This is an All Ages event specifically designed for all those in their first year at UWA!

We can't wait to meet all of you!