1 year ago

8 March, 2017

ARTS: [G61] Arts Lecture Room 5

Organised by:
Western Australia Medical Students Society (WAMSS)

Welcome to Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) ThinkTank for 2017!
At this event we review AMSA policies which have been submitted by student groups around the nation and decide if these policies represent our views and beliefs. If not, we make changes to ensure that the words, and therefore AMSA itself, truly represent us.

This event will be open, fun and powerful.
Open: any UWA medical student can attend and contribute to a ThinkTank, with no experience or prior understanding necessary. In the first 5 minutes of each event we welcome all newcomers with applause and describe how the night will run.
Fun: we all want to have more fun at uni. You'll be fed dinner and participate in break-out groups and facilitated sessions which enable you to play with ideas and meet new people.
Powerful: the decisions we make about policies have an impact. Join us to champion your needs and rights, and those of other medical students and our community.