1 year ago

17 February, 2017

Captain Stirling Hotel

Organised by:
Western Australia Medical Students Society (WAMSS)

***SOLD OUT***

What: FIRST. SOCIAL. EVENT. *drum roll* FOR. THE. YEAR *wets pants in excitement*

When: Friday 17th Feb 7pm, Cap S

Who: Literally everyone (…who is 18+)

Tickets: $10 for WAMSS members, $15 for non-members and $15 on the door
Available: THROUGH THE LINK ABOVE or in person from social reps Jess, Gavin and Bec!

Snapchat add: wamsssocial ;)


To introduce this momentous occasion we call upon the words of a very orange man…

With the final MBBS cohort having graduated, we, the students of MD, are now joined in a great local effort to rebuild our degree and restore its potential. Having been born into the guinea pig period whereby 6 blissful years became 3 useless undergraduate years and 4 holidays-don’t-exist postgraduate years, we did not complain (much). And as the Powers That Be continue to demand that we fight our way through Pebble Pad lost and scared, I, Trumpy D, stand here today to reassert our resilience. We will complete our micromodules with less than 2 emotional breakdowns, we will continue to include TB into our differential diagnoses and we will look to each other for comfort, RESPONSIBLE drinking and platonic cuddling.

For far too long we have been at the mercy of 8am starts, minimal sleep and feeling completely out of our depth with clinical. That all changes starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you. It belongs to everyone at Cap S on the 17th February. This is your day, this is your celebration and this, Medfest: Ballers and Babes, is your event. To join in the inauguration of the freshest members of our family, come to Cap S at 7.00pm following the sports event in the afternoon of the same day. This event is welcome to everyone 18+ including non-medical students. And remember to dress to the theme – Ballers & Babes! The theme has been especially chosen so that you may be able to migrate in the gear you were already wearing for the sports event in the afternoon!

Together we will make MD strong again. We will make MD wealthy again. We will make MD proud again. We will make MD safe again. And yes, together we will make MD great again.

Trumpy D. out! *mic drop*