2 years ago

5 October, 2015

Sydney Boys High School

Organised by:
UTS Business Society

BSoc and BCII are joining forces to host a Battle of the Years sports day!

** Monday the 5th October will be a Public Holiday and there will be no classes on the day, so don't worry about having to miss out on any of your fave subjects! Also the competition will be open to all uni students including UTS & non-UTS students **

The event will see 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd-5th year students go head to head for bragging rights. Teams will be competing in 3 sports: Basketball, Netball and Touch football (All of which will be mixed teams). Most exciting of all, all winning teams will receive their own medals!! What better incentive to participate in this awesome competition than medals and bragging rights!

There will also be a BBQ lunch for all competitors after the games, so you can put all your energy into the competition because you will be rewarded.

Each year group can come up with a team of 10 for each of the three sports! All you’ll need to do is pay a $5.00 registration fee + $1.29 Eventbrite transaction costs at this link here: https://battleoftheyears.eventbrite.com.au

Rules: for each sport there will be a minimum/maximum number of male/female players on at any time to ensure games are mixed.
• Basketball – Minimum of 1 girl on at any time
• Touch – Minimum of 1 girl on at any time
But don’t worry, special bonus pro-tip: for basketball mixed teams, girls will be winning their team x2 for every point they score. Woot!

Team Colours:
1st Years – White
2nd Years - Blue
3rd-5th Years - Black
Date: Monday, October 5th 2015
Time: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Sydney Boys High School Stadium
Cost: $5 per registration including free BBQ lunch

You may only register for one sport as round robins for different sports will be played at the same time, however finals for each sport will be played individually to allow spectating.

Also a special thanks to Lily Partridge for the banners & advertisements!

Tickets will go on a first come first go basis so we’d be quick!
Let the games begin!