2 years ago

24 May, 2016

11.05.300 (Faculty Learning Precinct)

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The UTS Engineering Society is running a Special General Meeting.

The meeting is running for two reasons:
1. To replace our current treasurer
2. To vote about a new executive position and elect someone into this position

Unfortunately our current treasurer James Jordan has to leave the executive team due to personal commitments. We are currently considering applicants from the general committee and this will be announced at the meeting.

The executive's plans for 2016 have highlighted the need for a new member of the team. This person will focus on providing professional and personal development opportunities for all members. In accordance with our constitution, the new executive member will be approved in advance by our current team and then confirmed by a vote on the night. If no suitable candidates are found then this position will not be implemented. Please note that experience in the general committee is advantageous. If you are interested in this position please fill out this expression of interest: http://goo.gl/forms/ZrHLYZAlJK

The purpose of this meeting is not to make major changes to the constitution. However, if you feel like changes are required please follow the instructions below:

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
- Please email all proposed amendments to secretary@engsoc.com.au with subject: Amendments
- Proposed amendments must include the current version and the proposed amendment.
- Any proposed amendments must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the SGM.
- Members will be notified of any proposed amendments at least 7 days prior to the SGM.

The constitution will be posted online closer to the event.

Location: Faculty Learning Precent