2 years ago

29 April, 2016

UTS CB8.08.03

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BCII Connect

BCII:Campfire is a guest-speaker series dedicated to sharing the stories from within the BCII community & beyond in a seriously social way.

So please join us for some tales from abroad and friend making atop the Chau Chak Wing roof on the 29th of April at 6.30pm

This month we’re focusing on the influence of //Time & Place// to people in their creative element. We are delighted to welcome the Founder and Director of TEDx Sydney, the General Thinking Network and author of “General Thinker”, Remo Giuffré to be our keynote speaker on the night. We will also have the chance to hear from a few of our members who have recently returned from their Global Studio adventures.

Curious about our guest speaker? Dive into the world of creative strategy, failing fast and other stories by exploring: remogiuffre.com
Just for you - we'll be selling discounted copies of Remo's book "General Thinker" on the night for $20 if you're interested.

Spots are geniunely limited. We invite you to reserve a spot by purchasing a $5 ticket - all proceeds go towards drinks for the night. Contribute at:


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