1 year ago

4 August, 2016

UTS: Hatchery

Organised by:
BCII Connect

~ Breakfast Club: Entrepreneurial Women in Conversation (Ft. WildWon) ~

UTS: Hatchery and BCII: Connect invite you to attend the second Breakfast Club: Entrepreneurial Women in Conversation.

We will be joined by Yvonne Lee and Sally Hill the founders of Wildwon. Wildwon is an end-to-end experience design and event production company specialising in knowledge, innovation, sustainability, social change and advocacy events designed to create meaningful and lasting impact.

In this session we will delve deeper into how Wildwon have created meaningful experiences using creativity for social good. We will also look at the changing landscape for young creatives and see how more women can be part of the conversation to design the creative industry of the future.

The breakfast series will showcase inspiring and empowering entrepreneurial women, and explore different trajectories for young women to take to carve out their own careers in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The event is open to the UTS community, general public and is sure to leave you walking away with practical advice that you can apply to your work or business venture.

Doors open at 7:30 for a 8:00 am start.

The event will conclude at 9am with networking to follow.

Find out more about UTS:Hatchery here: www.hatchery.uts.edu.au

Find out more about BCII Connect here:

About Sally Hill:
Co-founder, Impact Strategist, Wildwon
Sally is an expert in sustainability, digital communications and content strategy. At Wildwon, she applies her knowledge of environmental issues, communications and new ideas to designing experiences and building strong online and offline communities. Her core expertise in digital communications, social media and content are informed by an understanding of the complexity involved in communicating sustainability and social change.A commentator on environmental and social issues, Sally regularly speaks about sustainability, entrepreneurship and experience as a catalyst for social change. She writes in the media, as well as on her blog Sustahood. Sally has international experience in corporate sustainability and social responsibility (CSR), and has worked with Triodos Bank, Ecotricity and The Soil Association (UK) and for WWF’s corporate partnerships and markets team (Aus).

About Yvonne Lee:
Co-founder and executive producer
Yvonne plays hard ball at the game of life: daring, risk-taking and pushing herself to have vivid and meaningful experiences. Her gift is creating these for other people. Early in her career, she jumped off a proverbial cliff, leaving a secure and well-paid position in media sales to seek out a job and a life that let her create thick, not thin, value for organisations. Then she jumped again – this time to start Wildwon with Sally. Yvonne is the conductor of the orchestra – or executive producer to Purpose – and all of Wildwon's spectacular and seismic projects. She’s been the mastermind behind the creative production and experience design of Progress, Link Festival and Future of Work to name a few. Yvonne is the person who brought design thinking and experience design to event design; making Wildwon what it is today. She’s a design strategist and skilled facilitator, helping to draw out the feelings, needs, actions and essence of what people want and need. And finally, Yvonne is an avid yogi, tea drinker, movie buff, bookworm and cyclist. She can usually be found enthusiastically trying to convince someone to try yoga, cycling or the latest meditation app.

About BCII:Connect:
BCII: Connect is a weird, cross-disciplinary community designed to fill the gaps between creatively intelligent humans and fuel a seriously social & glocal (Global x Local) entrepreneurial spirit.
We are a student driven organisation serving the humans entangled in the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, or BCII. Affiliated with Activate UTS, we are a faculty society aimed at strengthening our aspirational and enterprising thinkers. We aim to create an arena that nurtures collaboration between disciplines, cultures, perspectives and people.
There is nothing more important to our team than to promote the constructive and playful exchange of ideas and beliefs in order to grow stronger through our diversity.