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24 October, 2016


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BCII Connect

BCII Connect is officially announcing the 2016 Annual General Meeting - to be held on Monday the 24th of October at 2pm.

The current leadership team invites all financial members to elect the 2017 Executive team – this includes a President, Secretary, Treasuer and Vice President. Role descriptions can be found in the GDrive below. At the meeting, each candidate will have the opportunity to speak for two minutes.

Nominations are now closed.

All BCII students are welcome to attend the 2016 AGM at 2pm on the 24th of October - the first Monday of UTS’s STUVAC. Only BCII: Connect members will be eligible to vote.

~ All Relevant Documents (Public Announcement, Executive Role Descriptors, 2016 Constituion, Official Activate Handbook):

~ ~ ~ ~ Proposed Agenda ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Opening of the Meeting
2. Acknowledgement of the Land
3. Confirm Minutes of 2015 AGM and Meetings held in 2016
4. President’s Report: Dominica Ingui
5. Secretary’s Report: Rekha Dhanaram
6. Vice President's Report: Jake Bayssari
7. Auditor’s Report: Oscar Osbourne
8. Operations Report: Polina Pashkov
9. Social Report: Olivia Kirk
10. Creative Report: Samuel Walker
11. First Year Report: Ally Moulis and Josh Hernandez
12. Second Year Report: Ben Draper
13. Third Year Report: Lily Partridge
14. Election of Returning Officer
15. Election of Executive Council
16. Other Business - Merch, SkillShare (Hatchery collab)
17. Close (proceeding drinks)

Do you have other business?
Send points through to the President's email ASAP president@bcii.activateuts.com.au

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The creation of BCII: Connect has been a collaborative effort among a number of students and academics and we would love it for everyone to get involved to begin something that can be left as a legacy and expanded on further.

Any further questions can be directed to any current officer, executive member or the FB page.

With warm regards,

The Exec