2 years ago

8 June, 2016

UTS Backstage

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UTS Backstage

Well, didnt that come around quick! The cut-off date to submit an original work for production is just two weeks away. A reminder that UTS Backstage is looking to develop and stage an original work written, produced, directed or adapted by YOU!

We have secured a venue for the production, The Blood Moon Theatre, King Cross and there is the opportunity of a two week run (along with some secret perks we have up our sleave). Please take this venue into consideration when finalising those pitches. Check out the venue here: http://www.theworldbar.com/introducing-blood-moon-theatre/

Keep in mind, this being an original production, it is expected that the work will undergo development, re-staging, reworking and extension from what is presented in the original script. Don't have a script? We are still interested in bodies of work that may be in their infancy. Send us what you got!

This is an uber exciting opportunity and there is still time to send in your proposals. Please complete the below proposal form by June 8th at 11:59pm. Email it to us at utsbackstage@gmail.com .


We also encourage sending any supporting documents (scripts, mood boards, snapchat screenshots etc). We will contact you shortly thereafter :)

Backstage is too excited to help get your idea from page to stage, good luck!

Cheers Evie Hilliar for the beaut graphics x