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25 July, 2016

UTS Backstage

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The Play:
“The Nothing” takes place in an ambiguous time in what is a representation of “the afterlife”. We follow the character of Bonnie, a girl who has a great passion for life, who has recently died. As she comes into the afterlife she meets Death, the landlord of souls if you will, wise due to his millennia of caring for the dead. As she meets Death she argues about how she desires to go back to her life, and Death agrees that if she can succeed in remembering her final words she said before she died, he will allow her to return to her life once more. Death however has grown to feel sorry for the people who have to suffer through life, and through the ages of being told the pains and trials of living, has no understanding why anyone would want to return to that pain. So he uses two souls of knowledgeable philosophical thinkers, Angest and Cynica, to try and convince Bonnie to forget her desires to regain life. She however is able to manipulate them to help her instead.

“The Nothing” is an existential, black comedy which explores the pleasures and pains of life as they would be seen once one is dead.It is a form of Orpheus myth without Orpheus, giving the strength and drive to the character who has died giving them a journey to return to life, rather than be saved. It is very much grown out of my own pessimism about the world and about discussion I’ve had with people regarding wether an afterlife existed. I felt it would be interesting to present a scenario where everyone in the afterlife were so certain that they were better off dead that they had no desire to return to life, and find such desires and fear of death illogical.
The form of the play uses a lot of elements of Brechtian theatre, such as actors playing multiple characters. The whole purpose is to allow the audience to become involved with the discussion on stage and allow them to think about what is happening rather than simply sitting back and remain passive to what occurs on stage. It uses comedy to make the topic less confronting and presented in a way that will cause people to think about what they are laughing about. It borrows from such philosophies of great existentialists such as Camus, Kierkegaard, and Sartre, as well as Schopenhauer.

There are for parts available with actors able to perform multiple characters. Attached is the audition package which has two monologues from the play. In the audition you will perform either one of this monologues, as well as doing as blind read of another scene.

Creative team:

Writer and Director - Oliver Morassut

Producer - Anna Rushmer

Dramaturge - Ben Gageler

Stage Manager - Asha Ray

PR Manager - Maddie Johnston

Production Assistant - James Wilson

Costume Designer - Andre Brimo


“The Nothing” will be performed at the Blood Moon Theatre. The performance weeks are from the 13th-24th October, so you must ensure you are available for those weeks. 10th-12th October will be tech runs and dress rehearsals inside the theatre space.
We would also like to ask that you can be free from the 29th September - 2nd- October.

Audition Times:

Auditions will take place across 3 days in two hour time slots. You will take part in a group audition with 8 people. Please email Anna Rushmer (goannavic@gmail.com) with three preferences for your audition time. You must ensure that you can stay the entire time.
The Times are:

Monday 25th July
• 10am -12pm
• 12:30pm - 2:30pm
• 3pm - 5pm

Tuesday 26th July
• 10am -12pm
• 12:30pm - 2:30pm
• 3pm - 5pm

Wednesday 27th July
• 10am -12pm
• 12:30pm - 2:30pm
• 3pm - 5pm

In the package you will find the two monologues, one of which you will prepare for your audition.