1 year ago

16 August, 2016

The Underground UTS

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UTS Backstage's Lip Sync Battle Royale is back and this time it's double the trouble! This year we're shipwrecked and it will take two nights for the undisputed champion of Lip Sync to rise to the surface. As part of Activate's Broadway Collection, Krystal Kleer will return to host Sync or Swim in 2016!

Anyone can enter, whether that be on the night, or through our Google Form linked in the above ticket section. All you have to do is prepare a performance to a song of your own choice or improvise on the spot! You have the option of performing the number in it's entirety or 'dropping the mic' when you feel you've proven youre worthy of glory. To make it through to the Battle Rounds, contestants must display originality, energy and, of course, Syncopation.

In the Battle Rounds, successful competitors will face off randomly against another Syncer. There will be 6 battles, to 6 pre-selected songs posted on the event a week before the Sync or Swim night. If you slay your opponent you will then have a minute to win it. One minute of a song you have pre-selected will begin at any part and finish once your 60 seconds is up. To win it, you've got a minute!

Each night will have one winner, who will then face off in one last Battle Round on the 2nd night of Sync or Swim on the 30th of August.

There are heaps of prizes and free drinks up for grabs so this August make sure you Sync Or Swim!