1 year ago

24 August, 2016

The Underground UTS

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Somethings are just better when they're open: relationships, wine bottles, 24 hour maccas...the list goes on. So here at UTS Backstage, we're opening the floor to any and all performers.

That's right, Open Mic Night is back and it's your opportunity to strut your stuff. Got a song you'd usually reserve for a hot shower? We wanna hear it. That poem you wrote about your ex and their strange persistence for armpit play? Vent to us. What about that 1, 2 step Ciara has been telling you about since '04? 1, 2 step on up. There are no limits to what you can or can't do...

The only thing you'll need to close is your wallet. Open Mic Night is a FREE event! Also, every performer will receive one free drink! So why not sign up on the linked google form above? Make sure to get on down and keep your mind as open as our mic!