1 year ago

26 September, 2016

UTS Backstage

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Time sure flies when you're having fun, and this year has been a blast. With only one slot left on the UTS Backstage ballot for 2016, it's YOUR LAST SHOT to propose a play for 2016.

If you so choose, below are three tasks you must complete:

1. PICK YOUR PLAY: Whether you're a lover of the classics, or a devotee for the modern, we'd love to help you bedazzle the audience with your unique brand of Pizzazz™ (but you MUST ensure rights are available for your chosen play prior to submission). This play may be an original.

2. BRAINSTORM: How do you want the audience to react? Do you want them screaming in terror or laughing until they cry? Either way, the choice is yours but be realistic about how you want your play to come to life.

3. FIND SOME FRIENDARINOS: There are three vital roles for each production: director, producer, publicist. If you wish to have additional roles (recommended) you can have as many as you like, but ideally the Big Three will be confirmed at the time of subsmission.

Once you've done all that, simply download the proposal form below and email it to us at utsbackstage@gmail.com by midnight on Monday 26th September. Interviews will be conducted thereafter at a date to be advised.

Peformances dates will be 17th-19 November.


If you've got any queries, love letters, problems, ideas, or sacrificial offerings, feel free to shoot us a message on the Fb page, and we'll see what we can do.

Best of luck,

UTS Backstage Babes xoxo