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29 September, 2016

UTS Backstage

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UTS Backstage is excited to welcome back Short Play Night to Semester Two!

If you've been waiting for the opportunity to make your debut as a writer, director, actor- or you're still buzzing from the excitement of SPN Semester One, it's you're chance to get involved. SPN is for everyone regardless of experience, all that is required is commitment and enthusiasm.

We are currently taking submissions from Backstage members, and non-members as well as other uni students who are keen! Some important details and requirments to note:

1. Whilst anyone can submit and script or partake in this exciting opportunity- membership will be required if you're chosen. $5 UTS students, and $10 for non-UTS students.

2. All plays will be ten minutes or less in performance duration, formulated to involve a maximum of four actors per piece.

3. All props and costumes are preferably to be sourced at zero cost to the director/society. However, Backstage is willing to negotiate costs for essential items and reimburse APPROVED purchases, also we are hppy to help source more difficult costumes and props, with adequate notice given to Josie, Julia or Nell.

4. For ACTORS it's as simple as showing up to the auditions and running some scripts given to you with the directors. Sign up for auditions here https://goo.gl/forms/P9m9ZgQEES8uoIkp1

- Submission Deadline: 10th October
- Audition Dates for actors: 12th, 13th October (Directors required to attend.) - ALL welcome and encouraged to come and give it a try!!
- Performance Dates: 9th and 10th November- in the evening.

So submit your applications NOW to utsbackstage@gmail.com and if you have any other questions send us a message via the facebook page!

***Additional, detailed info:

Once our playwrights and directors have been selected and assigned - Julia, Josie and Nell will create a Facebook group to stay in contact and to check on each play regularly. An event will also be made to promote the performance evenings - which we strongly encourage you to invite your friends to attend.


DIRECTORS are required to attend at least one information/audition session (preferably both) on October 12th and 13th. A list of actors auditioning (along with their contact details) will be provided for you to make notes. Once you have made your selections, we will make a public social media post to congratulate the successful actors and you are then responsible to schedule rehearsals for the upcoming night with your cast. With three and a half weeks between auditions and performance, we recommend two or more scheduled rehearsals per week (running for a few hours each session).

Directors are to keep Nell, Josie and Julia updated through the Facebook group with their progress and any issues or questions that may arise.

ACTORS are required to attend one audition session and to provide contact details to Backstage (email and phone number). Successful actors will be notified by the society and put in contact with their director and added to the Facebook group for Short Play Night 2016. Actors are to negotiate rehearsal schedules with their directors that they can agree over. It is your responsibility to show up to rehearsals on time or to notify your director of an absence or lateness. Actors are to help in the sourcing of costumes/props/set pieces (if necessary) if they are able.