1 year ago

30 September, 2016

Festival of Australian Student Theatre

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The Nothing
by Oliver Morassut
Presented by UTS Backstage

6:30pm, Friday 30 September | Roundhouse Theatre
3:00pm, Sunday 2 October | Roundhouse Theatre
Duration: 90 minutes

University of Technology, Sydney & ActivateUTS [NSW]

‘The Nothing’ takes place in an ambiguous time in what is a representation of “the afterlife”. We follow the character of Bonnie, a girl who has a great passion for life, but has recently passed. As she comes into the afterlife she meets Death. Bonnie desires to return to the living and Death agrees. The rub is, she must remember her final words in life. ‘The Nothing’ is an existential, black comedy exploring the pleasures and pains of life, as they would be seen once one has died. Can Bonnie remember what she said? Or will the final word be Death’s?

Writer/Director: Oliver Morassut
Producer: Anna Rusmer
Dramaturg: Ben Gageler
Stage Manager: Asha Ray
Production Assistant: James Wilson
Costume Designer: Andre Brimo