1 year ago

17 November, 2016

Bon Marche Studio, University of Technology Sydney, 755 Harris Street,

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A satire of the “Dole Bludger” lifestyle follows the bittersweet tale of three creatives. Kim, Lanie and Emma.

New housemate, Dave, is brought in to help cover the cost of rent. Kim’s boyfriend Grant a judgmental "productive" member of society adds to the pressures that Kim must face as she fumbles to hold together the fragments of her life.

Van Badham- an acclaimed playwright, a regular columnist for the Guardian and social commentator unpacks what is at the heart of always dealing with disappointment, yet still choosing to pursue artistic endeavours. Don’t miss your opportunity to watch Backstage’s final production for the year.

Kim Dash: Phoebe Haylen
Lanie Mala: Emily Trueman
Emma Metterling: Alexandra Moulis
David Brodie: Lachlan Parry
Grant Cheeseman: Sam Allan

Director: Anna Rushmer
Producer: Asha Ray
Set Design: James Denton
Costume Design: Jake Bayssari
Stage Manager: Ryan Doyle
Light and Sound: Mark Bell
Photographer: Sophie-Jaye Hayman
Graphic design: Evie Hilliar
Publicity: Tooba Anwar