1 year ago

9 December, 2016

UTS Backstage

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It’s time for a facelift!!

Backstage is looking to update their logo, and we want to see what you have to offer.

Backstage’s logo is used for all promotional production media including posters, social media banners, media releases, formal letters and even the physical banner we use at parties and events.

At the end of the two weeks the executive will decide the most appropriate design, and that person will work with Evie Hilliar (our resident graphic artist) for an additional week to finalise and create different renditions of the logo.
This person will also receive an ANNUAL PASS to all major productions in 2017!! And have their design mass produced as the new logo of UTSBackstage.

Backstage’s logo should be iconic. A bold new look to encapsulate how far the society and its members have come as a whole, something grand to demonstrate the diversity of events Backstage provides at UTS, something that invokes a sense of community or even playfulness – a desire to push new boundaries.

There are no limitations to the design, however we are curious to see how the inclusion and exclusion of font works with the design, therefore the words ‘Backstage’ and ‘The Theatre Society’ are not required and will be considered in the additional week.

So grab your pen, pencil or Wacom tablet and get sketching!

Send you submissions in at utsbackstage@gmail.com
Or upload them onto a google drive and send them via Facebook.