1 year ago

11 January, 2017

UTS Backstage

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Do you have thespian tendencies? Itching to direct a play and take on Backstage?

Well, who needs a summer bod when you've got a summer slot?
You read that right! Submissions for 2017's First Major Production are open!

You may be thinking:
"How on earth could I possibly go about this? Holy heck, the new Backstage Exec team are so intimidatingly cool and attractive, do I just message them? Should I change my hair? Do I email?"

To that, we say, no. You look great!
1. PICK A PLAY. This is your opportunity to present a favourite or that obscure play that your Aunt Judy lent you last year and you think could be really cool, but your boyfriend, Derek, thinks is lame. Screw Derek. Be creative!*
2. BRAINSTORM. How do you want your play to look/feel/sound/...smell? Think big. Keep in mind that this may be reconfigured depending on the theatre space.
3. CALL YOUR FRIENDS. It's recommended that you prepare a team of at least three people within your proposal. You'll need a director, producer and publicity manager for the play to survive, so get your feelers out there -- you never know who might be interested!

*It's integral that you check for availability of the rights prior to proposing your play!

Once that's done, just download the proposal form below, fill it in and chuck it through in an email to utsbackstage@gmail.com.
Submissions close Wednesday 11th of January at midnight.

This slot will be offsite between mid March and early April, the date and theatre will be confirmed via this event ASAP.

If you've got any queries, feel free to message us on Facebook or email utsbackstage@gmail.com.
Our team of monkeys on typewriters will get back to you promptly.

Proposal Form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2hS9gAXE67WYlp2UFhweVhuTzQ/view?usp=sharing