1 year ago

27 October, 2016

Uts Building 7

Organised by:
Pharmacy Association (UTSPA)

Hi everyone!

Over the past six months, Alex and I have been organising the first ever pharmacy careers fair for UTS. Gathering speakers from a variety of different backgrounds, we want to be able to increase student exposure and understanding of these areas. The speakers all have their own individual areas of expertise - however, they will focus on their journey, how they have excelled in their respective positions and the challenges that they have encountered.

So far, we have tentatively organised speakers (in random order) from:
- Community Pharmacy (focusing on ownership, accreditation, professional services and up & coming changes)
- Hospital Pharmacy (a major public hospital - with knowledge on Antimicrobial Stewardship)
- Industrial Pharmacy
- Poisons Information
- eHealth
- Academia
- Organisational (Pharmacy Guild)

The evening will be split into two time slots:
1. The presentation period.
2. Individual round tables and a panel

There is no official charge for the event - however we would appreciate a gold coin donation from all attendees which UTSPA will put towards a prenominated charity.

The presenters have all willingly taken time out of their day to provide us wih the experience to shape our future careers. We hope for this reason that as many students will turn up as possible. Furthermore, it would be appreciated if those who RSVP as attending do not change their minds at the last minute as we have to organise catering.