1 year ago

5 October, 2016

VSA at Western Sydney University

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association

Our fortnightly food streak continues and what do we have in stall this time? BURGERS with a twist.

Introducing to you, VSA's BURGERS GALORE @ Parramatta!!

We're changing it up and sharing to you one of our beloved foods from our Vietnamese roots, with DELICIOUS, HOT and IRRESISTIBLE Nem Nuong Hamburgers! Everyone loves our Asian Vietnamese meatloaf and this is a sure winner.

Rest assured, there'll be your classic beef burgers and vegetarian ones! So everyone can grab a bite :)


Burgers making your taste buds crazy? Well something else to excite you even more: FREE for all Western Sydney Uni Students, as a way to give back to everyone :)

Don't forget as a VSA member you get the benefits of:

- Discounts at ALL VSA Events!!
- 20% off at the Naughty Chef, Surry Hills!!!
- 25% off your meal at VBites, Bankstown!!
- 20% Discount at Gai Hoi Vietnamese Restaurant at Canley Heights!!


So come on by, grab some food and hang out with us! Good food, good people, great day!

- Western VSA <3