1 year ago

12 October, 2016

Western Sydney University

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association


While there is still a huge chunk of 2016 left to experience, the end is near, and this means that Western VSA will be electing a fresh new panel of executive members!

Thus we will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 12th October @ Room EB.G.05!!

Everyone is welcome!! And, guess what? WE'LL BE PROVIDING FREE PIZZA & DRINKS ON THE DAY!!

So do come along, mingle with fellow VSA'ers, and if you think you have what it takes to step up to become a valued member of the Western VSA executive team, don't be shy and GIVE IT A SHOT!!!



DATE: Wednesday, 12th October 2016
TIME: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
LOCATION: Parramatta Campus, EB.G.05 (a video on how to get to this room will be posted in the days leading up to the AGM!)


i. Opening and welcome
ii. Apologies for the Meeting
iii. Minutes of Previous Meeting
iv. Annual Reports: President & Treasurer Report
v. Election of Executives
vi. General Business

The following roles available for running:

+ President: The name speaks for itself, you overlook everything over VSA WSU, you are its leader and everything that happens to VSA WSU is your responsibility.

+ Internal Vice President: You are the President's right hand, you represent him/her if they're not present. You maintain harmony within the committee, you are the gel of the committee and you overlook every VSA event that happens on Campus. You are the go-to person for the committee and our members.

+ External Vice President: You are the President's left hand. You liaise and maintain relationships with other VSAs from other unis and you communicate with external parties. You are also responsible for the professionalism of VSA WSU as you will deal with external bodies which may include: councils, businesses, and sponsors.

+ Treasurer: The person responsible for VSA’s finances, they are responsible to approve of decline project funding allocation and approval of all expenditure that the clubs has.

+ Secretary: The PA role, you are the point of contact for both the committee and the society. You are also in charge of all documents and records. You are also in charge of progress in the committee - whereby it is important that you're aware of how each member is going with their respective tasks.

You must be a current student at Western Sydney University to be eligible to run for an executive position!


ALL CANDIDATES must fill out the following form prior to the AGM. This is inclusive of any candidates who are unable to physically attend and wish to submit a proxy nomination: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXcxaGyBStMORdmmL73DfkdVCzu18wM6Hc0bLkCuA_iApacA/viewform

At the conclusion of the AGM, the newly elected President will be shouting!! (It's a tradition that's been carried out for a while!)


We hope to see all of your pretty faces there! And to remind you all... even if you don't run for a position, there will be FREE PIZZA & DRINKS!!! So come along, witness the birth of a new generation and mingle with your fellow VSA'ers!

<3 <3 VSA