1 year ago

18 October, 2016


Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association

As we are nearing the end of 2016, VSA at UTS are looking to elect a new executive team for 2017!

VSA at UTS is looking for a team of 5 executive members to lead the general committee into 2017 for a bigger and better cruise, delicious BBQs, the chance to experience traditional Vietnamese cuisine or participate in community events such as charity dinners, or volunteer for the recent Moon Festival in Cabramatta.



i. Introductions
ii. Vote in NEW Constitution (Reviewed from 2015 - 2016) and recognise any objections towards amendments made.
iii. President's Report
iv. Treasurer's Report
v. Election of 2017 Executives
vi. General Business



The sole purpose of this meeting is to elect the new executive team for 2017. The positions available are: (Please note, you must be a current UTS student and VSA UTS member to apply)

❉ President
❉ Internal Vice President (IVP)
❉ External Vice President (EVP)
❉ Secretary
❉ Treasurer


+ President: This role entails leading the VSA team at UTS and overlooking all aspects of the society, regardless of how minor or major they are. Everything that happens in relation to the society is your responsibility.

+ Internal Vice President: You are the President's right hand, you represent him/her if they're not present. You maintain harmony within the committee and ensure everyone feels well-bonded, comfortable and welcomed at all times.

+ External Vice President: You are the President's left hand. You liaise and maintain relationships with VSA teams from other universities and you communicate with external parties. You are also responsible for maintaining the professionalism of VSA at UTS as you will deal with external bodies which may include: councils, businesses, and sponsors.

(It is advisable and preferable that candidates for President and Vice Presidents are existing or past committee members).

+ Secretary: The PA role, you are the point of contact for both the committee and the society. You are also responsible for all documents and records of VSA at UTS. You are also in charge of progress in the committee - whereby it is important, it is your duty to be aware of how each member is going with their respective tasks.

+ Treasurer: As the treasurer, you are the person responsible for VSA at UTS' finances. You carry the duty of setting budgets for events, tracking how funds are being used and ensuring that the society is in a good place financially! You do not have to be a commerce student to fulfil this role!

To apply for a position(s), please fill in this form*:
*Note: No applications(including proxies) will be accepted after the 16th of October 2016 - 11:59PM. Proxy nominations can be submitted through this form and read on the day of the AGM when electing for the desired position/s.

General members of the VSA community are invited to attend and support the candidates. This is your chance to have your say in who you would like to see lead VSA at UTS in 2017!



❉ What is Vietnamese Students’ Association(VSA)? ❉
VSA is a non-profit student society in alliance with ActivateUTS clubs and other university VSAs(such as UNSW, USYD, MACQ, WSU, CUMBO and STATE). VSA loves to provide a unique vietnamese cultural experience to the UTS student community in form of delicious BBQs, traditional cuisine and opportunity to participate in community events such as charity dinners or get involved with the UTS campus life.

❉ Where is Building 11/CB11.04.102? ❉
Building 11 is the Engineering & IT building located next to the Tower and across the road from Central Park. When you enter from the street, you will be on level 2, you will then need to go up the escalators and find the room labelled "CB11.04.102".

❉ How will the votes be counted? ❉
Ballot vote(paper vote) method will be used to ensure transparency and validity for record.

❉ Can I proxy vote? ❉
As this AGM is for an executive position - proxy votes will not be allowed. However you can submit a proxy nomination for a position, which will be read on the day of the AGM when electing for the desired position/s.

If you have any questions, please post on this event page as many people may want to ask the same thing!

Good luck to all candidates!

♥ VSA at UTS