1 year ago

28 October, 2016

CB10.2.410, UTS

Organised by:
Music Society (MuscUTS)

Dear Members of Muscuts!

First of all I would like to congratulate you in all your efforts and thank you for being part of MuscUTS’ journey this year. It has been full of laughter, blood, sweat and tears but above all brilliant music (and partying). It has been my absolute pleasure being part of this society and watching it grow and thrive in front of my eyes.

I would like to thank the members of the executive body whose hard work and efforts drove Muscuts into its excellence this year. Im lucky to have such an amazing team of people. But on that note (pun intended), it is with sadness that I announce the coming Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will be held on the Friday 28th of October at UTS (room and time will be announced soon).

The AGM will address the following:
• Wrapping up of the year.
• Voting in next year’s executive body.

The executive roles available for nomination are:

• President
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Events coordinator
• Marketing Director
• Orchestra coordinator
• Choir coordinator
• Glee coordinator
• Glee coordinator (yes there are 2 coordinators)
• Rock band coordinator

Nominations are open now until the day before the AGM. You may nominate 1 person per role and each nomination is worth 1 count. Please make sure you nominate the person you think would be hard working and dedicated to their role.

To be eligible for a role, you must have at least 2 nominations

Nominees will be notified the day before the AGM. They have the right to decline their nominations. However if they accept, nominees are expected to arrive promptly to the AGM and prepare a speech or presentation to argue why they would be best for their nominated position.

After all presentations for a role is made, members present at the AGM will cast a vote. Each vote is worth 1 count. the nominee with majority counts will acquire that position.

TO NOMINATE, please follow the link below to a google form