1 year ago

6 October, 2016

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
Electronic Gamers Guild (EGG)

What’s study worth without your health? Looking after yourself should be your number one priority, and UTS Time Out Day is all about putting yourself back together and chilling.

With STUVAC behind you and the exams and assignments coming thick and fast, ActivateUTS and friends want you to take some time out of your day, recharge your batteries and unwind, even if it’s for a few minutes. Throughout the day we have lots of activities going on all over campus to help you smile and relax.

Click the link below for an update of everything that is going on so you can schedule some ‘Time Out’ in your diary with Activate.

Thanks to our friends at batyr UTS EGG: The Gamers Guild UTS Food Appreciation Society Activate UTS The Big Lift UTS Library The Loft UTS and The Underground UTS

EVENT SCHEDULE: https://goo.gl/Qrycqu