1 year ago

28 October, 2016


Organised by:
Journalism Society (UTSJSOC)

Want to run UTS Journalism Society in 2017?

JSoc is having its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday the 28th (because we don't have examsss). This is the meeting where the society votes on who will be the JSoc executive for next year.

Applications should be sent to president@journalism.activateuts.com.au.

Detail what executive position you would like to apply for and your reasons for applying, including what you would personally bring to JSoc.

You can apply for multiple positions.

Executive positions are voted on, so make sure you are in attendance to make your vote count! All JSoc members are encouraged to come along and vote on the society's future executive.

- PRESIDENT: to give leadership, vision and direction to the society, including its administration and events.

- VICE PRESIDENT: To assist the president in the completion of duties; to act as president in their absence.

- SECRETARY: to call meetings; take minutes; collect and keep membership records.

- TREASURER: administer all financial records; account and budget JSoc finances.

- EVENTS & MARKETING DIRECTOR: manage and direct JSoc events, including their promotion and communication.

Any queries can be sent to either president@journalism.activateuts.com.au or by messaging the JSoc Facebook page.