1 year ago

12 October, 2016

Theatre Lounge UTS tower building - level 3

Organised by:
Muslim Society (UTSMS)

Salaam friends!
As the year is nearing an end, it's that time where we begin to recruit for the new shura of 2017. If you want to make a difference, bring fresh ideas, represent and spread the message of Islam on a whole 'notha level, then being a part of the shura facilitates for those aspiring and fulfilling needs of yours!

Whilst the Executive Shura members (President, Vice President and Treasurer) have already been elected internally from the current shura, the following positions are up for grabs:

- Secretary
- Marketing Team
- Design Team
- Facilities Team (Jumu'ah and Musallah facilities, brother and sister)
- Social Events (One brother and one sister)
- Da'wah Coordinator
- Volunteers Coordinator

Please fill out the following nomination form by midnight 11th of October (at the latest) and we shall see you at the AGM on Wednesday 12 October at the Theatre Lounge, 2:30pm inshaAllah!

All UTSMS members are welcome to apply and vote, and encouraged to attend the AGM.